Hard Hat Liner Selection & Weather Safety

A hard hat liner is an essential component of an outdoor worker’s cold weather gear. You’ll also want to incorporate the right kind of gloves, thermal boots, and a high visibility jacket or parka. Having the right kind of cold weather gear, made exclusively for workers, will help you work effectively and safely.


The Importance of Head Warmth

Although statistics vary, many agree that 20% to 30% of body heat is lost through the head. That’s why it is important to wear a hard hat liner with your head protection. Depending on the temperature and precipitation activity, you may just need the additional warmth or you may also need and want ear coverage and neck protection. Face masks incorporated into the hard hat liner should be considered when the wind chill factor is particularly ominous.


Keeping Safety as Top Priority

Choosing a hard hat liner goes beyond simply finding one you like that accommodates the weather conditions, it must also adhere to OSHA safety protocols for a proper fit under the type of hard hat you wear. There are a number of resources available online to help you evaluate the hard hat liner you want and your employer should also have guidelines available to help ensure your safety.


Beyond the Hard Hat Liner

Getting a proper hard hat liner is a great step in keeping your core temperature stable as you work in the winter conditions. Gloves and work boots are also essential. Just as you lose a relatively high percentage of body heat through the head, having cold hands and feet will also affect your ability to endure the temperature. Getting a quality pair of gloves that protect your hands and keep them warm while also allowing for high dexterity and functionality is key. Thermal, insulated boots are a must-have. When your feet are chilled, not only will you quickly succumb to the weather conditions, you also run the risk of frostbite and other dangers.


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