Mechanics/Utility Gloves

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  1. MaxiFlex Ultimate Gloves
    MaxiFlex Ultimate Gloves
    SKU: 34-874
    As Low As $4.55
  2. Maxifoam Premium Gloves 34-800
    Maxifoam Premium Gloves
    SKU: 34-800 Series
    As Low As $4.36
  3. Maxiflex Endurance 34-845
    PIP Maxiflex Endurance Gloves
    SKU: 34-845 Series
    As Low As $5.33
  4. Maxiflex Ultimate 34-875
    Maxiflex Ultimate Gloves
    SKU: 34-875 Series
    As Low As $5.05
  5. PIP G-Tek PolyKor ANSI Cut Level 3
    PIP G-Tek PolyKor ANSI Cut Level 3
    SKU: 16-340LG / 16-340OR
    As Low As $8.44
  6. AXIS™ RWG532
    Touchscreen Cut Level 2 Work Glove
    SKU: RWG532
    As Low As $9.50
  7. RWG555 - back
    ANSI Cut Level A4 Glove
    SKU: RWG555
    As Low As $7.27
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Safety is always paramount when it comes to the job site. Although most workers are conscious of safety procedures to prevent major incidents, they may forget that a minor injury can occur just as easily. Safety attire such as Mechanics Safety Glovescan help keep you safe from scrapes, scratches, splinters, and other minor injuries.

You should also consider using Mechanics Safety GlovesGloves in a non-professional setting because they are sturdy and versatile. If you’re working at home doing maintenance on your car, gardening, home repairs, or yard work, your hands may be at risk. Wearing these safety gloves during these projects can help prevent minor injuries. Whether you’re a professional construction worker or just doing work around the house, the proper Safety Utility Gloves can help keep you safe.