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  1. Jersey Glove - Premium Grade
    Jersey Glove - Premium Grade
    SKU: 95-890
    As low as $1.74
  2. Maxiflex Endurance 34-845
    PIP Maxiflex Endurance Gloves
    SKU: 34-845 Series
    As Low As $5.01
  3. Maxiflex Ultimate 34-875
    Maxiflex Ultimate Gloves
    SKU: 34-875 Series
    As Low As $4.72
  4. Maxifoam Premium Gloves 34-800
    Maxifoam Premium Gloves
    SKU: 34-800 Series
    As Low As $4.06
  5. Canvas Glove - Economy Grade
    Canvas Glove - Economy Grade
    SKU: 90-910I
    As low as $0.73
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Different tasks in the workplace require different protective gear. Some jobs require sturdy gloves, and others simply require Protective Fabric Work Safety Gloves. It’s important to know your trade and to know the proper gear. Maxiflex II gloves, for example, provide a rubber coating that is essential at some points in some trades. Cement mason spending long hours holding a trowel, edger, a broom handle for a brush finish, will need a secure grip. Less intense work may only require the use of protective fabric work safety gloves.


The Maxiflex II Gloves are helpful for obtaining a good grip on slick surfaces. This is also true if you need to work outdoors during rainy weather. Chemical burns from a number of construction materials can be painful and dangerous, and it’s important to protect your hands by providing the barrier that rubber coated gloves create. Most safety standards on a job site includes wearing proper safety gear from head to toe, and gloves are just as important in this pursuit as are hardhats and boots..