Explore the Features of a Surveyor Safety Vest

Surveyors are often so concerned with seeing the landscape that they sometimes forget how important it is to be seen. A surveyor safety vest is an ideal solution to this problem. Not only does the vest allow its wearer to be visible, but it also provides storage space for the tools and work-related items any foreman or surveyor needs. Available in orange, lime, or both, our surveyor safety vests are excellent and affordable additions to any workman’s wardrobe.


The surveyor vest with pockets is designed for two distinct purposes. The first is to highlight the surveyor’s presence. In areas where there are many cars passing which may or may not be able to see the surveyor, a vest helps ensure that the surveyor is not struck by a moving vehicle. Bright neon colored clothing is appropriate for tasks which must take place during adverse weather conditions when visibility is low. Safety vests are also important attire for charting the position of properties located in wilderness areas, where hunters need to readily identify workers before they are mistaken for wild animals.


The second design feature of the surveyor safety vest is functionality. Because the vest is worn over other clothing, pockets of various sizes and application are necessary for workers to keep their tools and documentation at hand. Our variety of surveyor safety vests with pockets each feature different pocket configurations from inside pockets, to outside pockets that span the width of the vest. We offer vests with compartmentalized pockets for cell phones, writing utensils, and documentation. We also have clips for your lanyards and keys, and specialized pockets for cell phones, radios, pad and pencil sets, and more.


With such a range of pockets, both inside and out, the surveyor safety vests are perfect for many kinds of workers from construction professionals to public safety officials. Surveyors, contractors, and others who handle extra-large paperwork love vests with document pockets. The large pockets allow them to carry maps, blueprints, and other documents hands free.


Whether you’re looking for clothing to make you visible or for a place to stash your tools, a surveyor safety vest with pockets is an essential part of any surveyor’s wardrobe. Shop our selection of hi vis surveyor vest options at SafetyGearOnline.com today.