Features of a Great High Visibility Winter Coat

If you work outdoors all year round or your job demands that you face whatever the elements may dictate, then you need the right gear. From high visibility tees for the scorching summer to eyewear designed for sun protection, as well as work boots with a tread and a high visibility winter coat for the coldest times of the year.


Fall is a great time to take a closer look at last year’s high visibility winter coat. Your safety is a top concern, so if you’ve had the coat for some time or it had a tough season last year, you might want to consider investing in a new and improved model. Here are a few features to explore:


Weight: Depending on the region in which you work and possibly on the predicted severity of the coming winter, you’ll want to take careful stock of the weight of your coat. Cold weather can have a dramatic effect on your performance and certain dangers, like hypothermia, can come on quite quickly. Be sure the high visibility winter coat you choose will provide the warmth you need. For those that work in regions where the temperature can take a sudden turn, try looking for a high visibility winter coat that has a thermal lining that can be removed. This way, your safety is never at risk, even when you have to make adjustments on the fly.


Colors & Striping: Like most hi viz work gear, it is important to choose a high visibility winter coat that features a florescent color, typically orange or yellow. The reflecting striping should be approximately two inches in width and wrap twice horizontally, over both shoulders, and around both arms.


Other Features: When you must purchase the perfect high visibility winter coat, you should think about the ways you will actually need the coat to work in tandem with your body. Are the pockets properly constructed for the items you need on hand? Are the enclosures appropriate for easy on and easy off applications?


The last few things to consider in helping you choose a great high visibility winter coat is the brand—you’re familiar with the top names and they have earned the reputation for a reason; and the ANSI class, if your work requires it. Count on Safety Gear Online to have exactly what you need when you’re looking for the very best in rugged work apparel made to go the distance.