Fall Protection Safety Harness: The Power of Being Safe on the Job

Safety on the job is a serious matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even though OSHA regulations state your employer must create a safe work site, take personal responsibility by inspecting your fall protection safety harness carefully. A poor inspection could lead to a fall, and possible injury, which is avoidable with a few simple steps.

Check Your Equipment

Before the workday starts, look over all the parts of your fall protection safety harness. Especially if your harness originated from the job site and is not yours. Inspect the webbing and the belt of the harness. Make sure there’s no tears or cuts on the webbing. Next, check the lanyard, it should have no abrasions. Test the shock absorber to see if it’s in good condition, and not distorted from heavy use. The last thing to inspect is the metal hardware and clasp hooks. The hardware should not be broken, bent, or cracked. And the clasp hooks should open freely.


Wear It Properly

A contributing factor to accidents is when a fall protection safety harness is incorrectly secured.

When using a safety belt, fasten it firmly around your waist with the D-ring in the middle of your back for easy reach to hook and unhook the lanyard. If it’s awkward to reach and you have to contort to operate it, this could cause a fall.


Anchorage to the main structure must support at least 5,000 pounds for each worker. Check with your supervisor that this regulation is being followed. Overall, your fall protection safety harness should fit snugly around the chest and legs to support you should there be a fall.


Look After Your Fall Protection Safety Harness

Besides inspection and proper fitting, maintain your fall protection safety harness to slow down wear.

Wash your equipment regularly with a mild detergent and avoid harsh chemicals. Let your harness air-dry and store indoors, not out in the open where it is exposed to extreme elements. Use WD-40 to lubricate the snap hooks after cleaning to keep the hooks from seizing up.


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