Fall Prevention Tips

Did you know that it only takes one second to fall 10 to 20 feet, and that you can hit the ground from that distance with around over 8,000 pounds of force? That's enough to break an arm or a leg, or even fracture a skull. Falls kill a construction work a day and injure at least 40. Use the following tips to help prevents falls while working on roofs or other construction projects. Learn how to prevent a fall below.


Wear a Full-Body Harness

Wearing the right fall protection equipment is essential, as just a belt isn't enough. Make sure the harness is snug and is connected to a lifeline or lanyard. The lanyard should be long enough to let you work while being short enough to prevent you from hitting the ground. The lanyard should be connected to an anchor that is screwed or nailed into a rafter per the anchor's manufacturer's instructions. Double check that the anchor is secure and will not come out in the event of a fall.


Use Ladders Properly

Ladders should be secure both at the top and at the bottom. Your ladder should be on firm footing and should extend three feet beyond the roof edge to make getting on and off the ladder easy. Finally, the ladder should be at a proper angle at a one foot to four foot ratio. Always face the ladder and keep three points of contact on the ladder when climbing up or down. Never carry anything while climbing the ladder. Instead, use a hoist to move materials up and down.


Plan Ahead

Plan to execute your project in a way that avoids tangling safety lines and try to keep the roof clear of any obstacles or debris that might cause a trip or slip.


Follow these simple tips to greatly increase your safety on the job.