Fall Protection D-Rings: How to Know You Are Compliant

The National Safety Council reports that every year at least 100,000 deaths and injuries are from work-related falls. Even though there’s been a steady growth in manufacturing safety harnesses and fall protection D-rings, the number of accidents has increased. This is troubling, but with proper safety checks and common sense, these accidents can easily be prevented on your work site.


How Old Is Your Equipment?

Typically full body harnesses are replaced on the job site more than the connecting devices.

This is a critical error, because the connecting device (a shock absorbing lanyard or self retracting line), which attaches to the fall protection D-rings, is the most essential link in a fall protection system. The lanyard (or self-retracting line) bears the most weight during a fall.


These connecting devices must be replaced regularly and you should account for other mitigating factors that wear down equipment, like UV light or chemical exposure, physical damage, or improper storage.


Are You Being Inspected Enough?

Regulatory agencies such as The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), under Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations (29 CFR) expect employers to provide a workplace free from safety and health hazards.


Ensure you have a written safety plan in place to deal with hazards and it’s being practiced by safety officers with daily inspections of harnesses and fall protection D-rings that connect to lanyards.

A detailed program clearly stating fall protection measures and who is responsible for supervision and training saves you thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation claims and insurance premiums.


What Products Are You Buying?

The quality of your fall protection D-rings and safety harnesses matters.

Don’t buy poorly rated or cheap products when it comes to your fall protection system. If you notice snap hooks opening during testing, don’t purchase them.


Choose complete systems and don’t mix and match components, since compatible parts are designed to work together. Understanding how fall protection systems operate and the way different products function means you’ll select the right ones.


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