Safety Tips for Construction Workers

Construction work is one of the world's most dangerous occupations. Construction workers often contend with heavy machinery and equipment, sharp edges, deep holes and heights. While employers should always adhere to safety regulations, workers must also take measures to ensure personal safety. If you're a construction worker, the following tips will help you do exactly that.


Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and apparel. Before you begin working, wearing the right PPE is a must. Employers should provide appropriate PPE, such as fall arrest equipment when working with heights. At the very least, properly-fitted helmets, eyewear, and anti-slip footwear are a must, with ear protection in noisy areas and gloves when working with toxic equipment. Highly visible clothing should be worn at sites where heavy vehicles are in operation.


Double check ladders and scaffolding. Scaffolding is responsible for a high number of construction-related injuries. Always check to see if the scaffolding has been inspected by a professional and never work on scaffolding that is not complete or that doesn't have a strong base and platform. Ladders are also an extremely common site for injuries. However, most ladder-related injuries can be avoided simply by thoroughly inspecting the ladder before use and making sure it is properly secured at the base.


Use and maintain proper fencing. The instances of falls and fatal injuries increases when there are no fences or fences are damaged around dangerous areas. Using and maintaining fences around these areas drastically reduces accidents and increases safety.


Keep first aid supplies readily available. Minor cuts and burns are extremely common. Being able to immediate provide first aid for minor injuries helps limit damage, prevent infection, and ensure employees can return to work as quickly as possible.