Dust Masks for Agriculture Work

When working in the agriculture field, there is a wide range of dusts, vapors, fumes, mold spores, or germs that can cause serious and chronic lung diseases.  Diseases like occupational asthma, farmer’s lung, and chronic bronchitis are all common respiratory problems when working in agriculture.  Dust masks and respirators are extremely important for those working in this industry, as they can greatly increase your safety and prevent these respiratory issues from happening to you.


Taking preventative actions helps ensure you don’t have to face health consequences that can lead to unemployment, or even worse.  Dust masks or other respiratory protective equipment, as well as following good work practices, can all help reduce health risks related to inhaling harmful materials.  Dust masks can help block dust, vapors, and other agricultural allergens from entering your body. To ensure you are protected, all dust makes should fit comfortably and remain tight throughout the job.


Dust masks like cone respirator masks are designed to be worn on agricultural or construction sites, and help better protect workers from fine particles like dirty and Dust.  Unlike disposable dust masks, cone respirators feature a cone-shaped face mask with a breathing valve that provides top-notch protection against airborne particles. Dust masks are a lightweight, comfortable, and affordable preventative accessory that can increase your safety on the job. Dust masks are designed for a universal fit, but it is important to assure the mask fits the contour of your face, without any areas open that can expose you to harmful inhalants.


There are many hazards associated with breathing dust in agricultural operations that can be avoided by using dust masks. Dust comes from hay, grain, fuel chips, straw, livestock, and virtually any element found on a common farm. Long term exposure to agricultural dust can lead to chronic conditions like; bronchitis, pneumonia, infections, wheezing, coughing, and other serious conditions. Wearing dust masks when working in agriculture can help you avoid exposure to dust and should be worn any time you’re out working in the field. SafetyGear Online carries a large selection of dust masks and respirators to help keep you safe and protect you from agricultural respiratory problems.