Do You Need Hi Vis Gloves?

In a word, yes…if you’re asking the question, then it’s most likely affirmative that you would indeed realize a greater degree of safety from purchasing and wearing a top quality pair of hi vis gloves designed for the type of work that you do. Hand injuries are far more common than you think, and while many safety protocols focus on your head and core, because of course damage to these areas can be fatal, an injury to your hand can be quite devastating as well. Think about it. Without the use of your hand, chances are good that you would be out of work for some time, if not permanently, or be subject to minimized performance or pain on the job.


Since the question has been posed, let’s explore what kinds of work warrant the use of hi vis gloves:


Construction Workers: Typically construction workers invest in top quality work gloves to protect their hands as they handle materials, such as gravel, wood, tile, and operate machinery. Having the right gloves not only aid with safety and protection of the hands, but should also have features that make the work easier or more effective. These features might include grips or even touchscreen capabilities. Adding the coloring or reflective striping is simply another layer of protection; with hi viz gloves, there’s less of a chance that your hands may go unnoticed if they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Mechanics: Mechanics, like construction workers, may wear gloves that are not high visibility for material protection. The same logic applies here—adding the visibility component to safety gloves will ensure that the mechanics hands are quite obvious when performing tasks in the close quarters of a car or equipment engine.


Manufacturers: Those workers that handle materials or operate large scale machinery not only use their hands to do the actual work, they may also use them to communicate with other workers amidst loud machinery. Having hi vis gloves will ensure that your hands are seen while working, but furthermore, your messages via hand gestures to your crew will be more effectively received, thus resulting in a more safe work environment.


Laboratory Workers: When you’re working with noxious chemicals and delicate materials, having your hands visible to others is critical. While you may not need the durability and rugged construction of the work glove, you will still need robust hand protection. You should choose gloves that are exclusively designed to hold up against the chemicals you handle and having an additional visibility factor can only make you that much safer.


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