Do You Need High Visibility Clothing?

If you work on any sort of construction site and work as a member of any construction crew then you know that one of the major concerns for the work site is safety. This is especially true during extreme weather conditions. Being cold will slow down your reaction time and make it harder to operate machinery and controls and it can also impact your health.

The same goes for being too warm in the summer time heat waves. Sometimes workers wear additional layers to stay warm on the job site which can cover the hi vis clothing they are supposed to wear and sometimes they will take layers off in the heat and forego that extra protective layer all together.

Workplace and road side safety must still be observed no matter what the temperature is outside. This is why it is important to always wear the right safety equipment for the job at hand and to have clothing that is suitable for all weather conditions.

Specially designed hi vis clothing is made to keep workers safe, especially at night and in other low visibility conditions such as rain, snow, or fog. It is critically important that all workers on the job site wear the safety clothing at all time. If it is too cold they need to put on a jacket specially designed to be high-visibility rated.

The same goes for the warmer months when the layers start to come off and a high visibility vest is more appropriate. It may seem like a small thing to toss on a jacket over a hi vis vest but without that reflective vest the workers are at risk of being struck by passing vehicles, machinery, or other workers on the site.

Likewise, taking off hi vis clothing because of the heat also puts workers at risk and makes it harder for them to be seen on the job site. And the number one way to keep workers safe is to keep them in site and seen at all times!