Customize Incident Command Vests for Any Event

Incident command vests are a must-have for any medium to large scale event. Volunteers and coordinators can easily distinguish authorized personnel from attendees and conversely, attendees can identify persons who may be in the position to offer assistance. Just ensuring that all event personnel has incident command vests is a great starting place to keeping order and helping participants enjoy the event. But, if you want to take this a step further, you can easily do so—here’s how!

Color Distinctions

When you plan an event, there are a lot of wheels in motion. You may need volunteers solely dedicated to crowd control and assisting people in getting where they need to go. You may have others that are mainly engaged with food preparation and servicing. Still, others may be at the ready for any first aid or response services that may be needed.

In order for other volunteers and attendees to quickly find the type of personnel they need, colored incident command vests can make each person’s role immediately identifiable. For example, greeters and helpers may wear green incident command vests, giving them a helpful and official appearance. Food service workers may opt for yellow or pink, making them slightly more subtle yet official. Those in more specific capacities, such as first aid or emergency assistance, may want to don red or florescent incident command vests to make a bold statement when their presence is required.

Other Distinctions

Another way to identify event workers is by adding labels to the incident command vests. There’s nothing more simple or clear than having a name and title added to the vest so that the crowd will know who this person is and what they can provide.

For a large crowd, you may also want to outfit your workers with flashlights or wands, loudspeakers, and other items that will make it easier to do their jobs. Safety Gear Online is proudly dedicated to offering all types of safety items—those you will certainly need to pull off any type of event without a hitch. Shop with us for incident command vests, inquire about personalization, and browse around to find everything else you may need for a safe and successful event.