Job Site Noise: Custom Molded Earplugs and Other Precautions

Studies have shown that hearing loss is cumulative. Over time, those exposed to high sound frequencies will experience diminished hearing capabilities. Those that work in loud conditions, such as construction workers and road crews, are particularly at risk for hearing loss. Items, such as custom molded ear plugs, as well as tactics, such as strategically taking noise breaks, can help combat the potentially devastating effects.


Signs of Damage

Be on the lookout for diminished hearing. Some signs include a ringing in your ears after the loud noise has ceased, muffled sounds after exposure that make it difficult to have a conversation, and intermittent hearing capabilities. If you experience these things, get to an audiologist fast, before the damage becomes permanent.


Taking Precautions & Dispelling Myths

The best precaution you can take, other than avoiding noise, is to purchase custom molded earplugs and wear them each and every time you are working in loud conditions. While custom molded earplugs may initially seem uncomfortable, they will eventually form perfectly to your ear, making them less cumbersome. Keep in mind, permanent hearing loss is quite uncomfortable, too.


Some may believe that earmuffs are better protection, but most audiologists recommend custom molded earplugs for construction workers as the better choice. The concept of “bigger is better” doesn’t apply in this case. Another common misconception is that you can get ear infections more easily when you wear custom molded earplugs day after day. While there is some truth to the fact that you can potentially admit germs into the ear canal with plugs, the ear is generally constructed to combat most items that enter. It is highly important to wash the earplugs and maintain typical first aid sanitization standards.


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