Custom Molded Ear Plugs Keep your Ears Safe While Providing All Day Comfort

Prolonged exposure to loud noise is one of the most common causes of hearing loss in adults. Most often this prolonged exposure takes place at work. Approximately 30 million workers are exposed to high levels of workplace noise that can potentially damage their hearing. The unfortunate truth is that hearing loss is permanent. Once your sense of hearing is damaged, it will never return. That is why hearing protection is so important. SafetyGear Online carries custom molded earplugs that offer superior comfort and protection for the wearer.  


Many of the common tools and machines in the construction, manufacturing, aerospace and automotive industries emit high enough decibel levels to damage hearing even when exposed for a short period of time. Extended exposure to any sound over 85 dB has the potential of causing hearing loss. Below is a comparison of various environmental noises that show just how loud everyday objects can be.


Environmental Noise / Db Level

Rustling Leaves / 10       

Whispering / 20

A Quiet Office / 50

Conversational Speech / 60

Vacuum Cleaner / 65

Automobile / 70

Discomfort Level / 80+

Semi Truck / 85

Lawnmower / 95

Chainsaw / 100-105

Rock Concert / 110

Pain begins / 125

Jet Takeoff (100m) / 130

Pain threshold / 140+

Shotgun / 165

Death of hearing tissue / 180

Loudest possible sound / 194


Exposure to sounds above 100 Db can have a serious effect on hearing ability even if only exposed for short periods of time. For many people who work around machinery or power tools, exposure to these decibel levels can last anywhere from an hour out of the day, up to an entire working shift. It’s important to take cautionary steps to prevent hearing loss in these types of environments. 


As common as occupational hearing loss is, prevention is very inexpensive. Simply wearing hearing protection when working around loud noises is an easy way to prevent hearing loss. Most standard ear plugs can be uncomfortable, or in the case of ear muffs, cumbersome. Custom molded earplugs are molded to your unique ear shape, ensuring a perfect comfort fit that won’t irritate when being worn for long periods of time.  


If you have questions regarding our custom molded earplugs, contact us today. Our staff would be glad to help you find the best hearing protection for our needs.