Custom Molded Ear Plugs: Prevent Gradual Hearing Loss

Most people are unaware that if they are exposed to consistent loud noises that they can start to lose their sense of hearing over time. These aren't necessarily the loud noises that we know that we should avoid, like being too close to a jet as it takes off. We're talking about noises that may not seem dangerous in of themselves, but if you are within earshot for too long you may experience gradual hearing loss. Research has shown that the longer the exposure, the greater the negative effect on your hearing. Since you cannot regain your sense of sound once it is gone, you should take steps to help protect your hearing. One way to do this is by using custom molded ear plugs, which you can find at


Potentially Dangerous Situations

There are many situations where your hearing may be in jeopardy without you realizing that damage is occurring. For example: Mowing the lawn. If you stand near a lawn mower for a few minutes you can walk away without your ears even ringing. But if you've spent a few hours tending to your yard, once you switch the mower off you may notice that your hearing is slightly dulled. This is because this constant exposure to a louder noise does affect your hearing over time. Custom molded ear plugs can help protect your ears in situations as: If you work in an assembly plant, play music with a band, are using a snow blower, or any similar scenario. Playing music with a band is especially dangerous because younger musicians are sometimes under the impression that is more “edgy” and may forgo wearing custom molded ear plugs. Don't take any chances. If you're going to be near loud noises for extended durations, protect your ears.


Why Custom Molded Ear Plugs?

 The advantage of using custom molded ear plugs are numerous. The first is that since they perfectly fit into your ear, there will be sound bleed. You will have perfect perfection at all times. It only takes ten minutes to get the ear plugs molded and then you are good to go. In addition, these ear plugs can be easily cleaned which means that you will reduce your spending in the long-run due to the fact that they are reusable. Not only do these ear plugs save your hearing, but they also save you money!

Don't put your ability to hear at risk: Protect yourself with the custom molded ear plugs you can find at