Comparing the Features of High Visibility Jackets

When you work on a construction crew, in traffic control, amidst hazardous condition, or in some kind of weather-impacted environment, you will certainly have specific requirements for the apparel you wear when it comes to reflective striping and color choices. For instance, high visibility jackets are typically florescent orange or yellow and have a set pattern of striping. Other features of high visibility jackets may have some flexibility. Here are some ways that you can compare your options to choose among different high visibility jackets.


  1. The weight of high visibility jackets can vary. You may need an exceptionally warm winter parka that meets safety requirements in the dead of winter, but something more lightweight will serve you better in the spring and fall. Perhaps you’ll want to invest in a variety of different high visibility jackets and hoodies or you may be able to find a jacket or parka that has a removable liner to help you work comfortably no matter what the weather.
  2. Pocketing matters when it comes to having the best apparel for the work we do. For instance, a surveyor or engineer will have different pocket needs than a carpenter or traffic controller. You can find high visibility jackets that have no pockets, one pocket, or even up to 10 pockets. This construction will make the difference between your work wear being a help or a hindrance to your performance.
  3. Check out the enclosures to evaluate how they will function in your work. Do you need a zipper enclosure to keep your jacket on securely? Will you be better served with a vest that has a Velcro enclosure for easy tear-off in treacherous conditions? This decision is almost always based upon how you need your apparel to function in a specific way when you do your job.


The moral of the story is that there are two sides to review when comparing high visibility jackets. The first aspect to consider is whether the item meets the requirements for safety as it pertains to your work and performance. On the flip side, features of the jacket or vest will be very specific to your personal preference and the more specific details of what you do. When you’re shopping high visibility jackets, be sure to explore all the features and imagine how each option will perform in reality before making a final purchase.