Community Events & Incident Command Vest Colors

When there is an event to be held, whether it is a small school fair or a full-scale, community-wide affair, crowd control is always a top priority. From the basic objective of directing people to certain points of interest, to the more critical objective of avoiding and diffusing any potential hazards, having a staff of people dedicated to dealing with the crowd is integral for everyone’s enjoyment and safety. Enjoyment plus safety equals event success! To help you achieve this goal, we recommend safety vests in a variety of colors. Our collection of incident command vest colors will help you either give all personnel a distinctive look so that they can be easily identified by patrons, or help you get several incident command vest colors to indicate the roles of your crew.


For example, you can purchase incident command vest colors that coordinate with your logo or the nature of the event. If your company has a blue logo and you’re hosting an area-wide 5K run, you can purchase blue or navy incident command vests for your crew and runners that need assistance will be easily able to discern staff from other runners.


Our incident command vest colors include:

  • Purple
  • Shades of Blue
  • Shades of Green
  • White, Gray, and Black
  • Reds and Oranges
  • Florescent Orange & Lime Colors

When choosing among incident command vest colors, you’ll want to consider several factors, unless you’re specifically coordinating corporate colors. If you’re hosting a winter event, you may want to choose brighter incident command vest colors, as most of the patrons will likely be wearing darker shades; conversely, darker colors in the summer may be more distinguishable. Bright colors are almost always a good choice because they stand out.


Another point to consider when choosing incident command vest colors is the timing of the event. During the day, simply having personnel in one, distinguishable color may work just fine. However, if you have personnel that must direct traffic or work a crowd at night, you’ll want to choose florescent shades with reflective striping. 


SafetyGear Online offers a variety of incident command vest colors so that you can manage your event with ease. Browse the options here and find the right color combination to best serve your needs.