Common Behaviors That Lead to Construction Injuries

The two biggest factors that contribute to the occurrence of incidents on construction sites are unsafe conditions and unsafe acts. Unsafe acts are almost always due to distraction, complacency or disregarding regulations. The good news is that these behaviors and consequently, the incidents themselves, can be prevented. Here's how:



A number of things can cause distraction at the workplace, from the stress of a tight deadline to problems in a worker's personal life. Often something as simple as a cellphone alert can become a distraction. These distractions cause careless mistakes that can result in major injury.


Taking regular, scheduled breaks can go a long way toward refreshing workers and helping them regain focus. Implementing a no cellphone rule on-site can also help reduce distraction.


Doing a task repeatedly often leads to complacency. At that point, it's only a matter of time before an accident occurs.


Help eliminate complacency by implementing routine safety training for all employees. Ensure best safety practices and behaviors are strictly adhered to by using a daily risk assessment for job tasks. Make sure to reward good safety practices by recognizing standout workers.


Disregarding Regulations

Ignoring, overlooking or simply not knowing safety regulations is sure to cause an incident and injury. Ensure that ignorance is no excuse by making sure employees are trained in proper safety procedure and are consistently reminded of these procedures. This includes the proper use of appropriate personal protective equipment such as hard hats, high-visibility clothing, and safety harnesses, making sure hazardous materials are always clearly labeled, and sticking to the posted weight limits on machinery.


In order to protect employees' well-being, safety must always be the number-one priority. When distraction and complacency are kept to a minimum and safety regulations are strictly adhered to, the chances of an incident occurring are greatly reduced and safety greatly increased.