Class 3 Safety Vests: What You Need to Know

Class 3 safety vests are designated as such because they provide the optimal safety and visibility in the most extreme weather conditions imaginable. If you are a first responder trying to save a life during a hurricane or a traffic operator trying to help traffic move around an accident during a blizzard, it is recommended (and even required) that Class 3 safety vests are utilized. Road crews and highway workers that are working alongside traffic traveling at 50 miles per hour or faster should be wearing Class 3 safety vests.


What Differentiates the Class 2 and Class 3 Safety Vests?


The Class 2 and the Class 3 safety vests actually look quite similar. The most visible difference is in the extra material that extends past the shoulders for a more “t-shirt” shaped garment, rather than a standard vest. The reflective striping remains similar and the fluorescent coloring is present on both Classes.


Buy Class 3 Safety Vests for Your Crew


You can easily find the Class 3 safety vests you need for the work your crew does right here at Safety Gear Online. We carry options that qualify as Class 3, such as surveyor vests, mesh vests, heavy duty vests, and more, yet have varied options and constructions so as to better accommodate the work and the conditions.


Features to look at in choosing the right Class 3 safety vest include:

  • The pocketing and cuffing that will allow a worker to keep appropriate tools and gear handy
  • Enclosures and other features for taking the vest off and putting it on
  • The weight of the material
  • The coloring and the reflective striping
  • The flame resistance of the garment

When in doubt as to whether your job site or working conditions warrant the use of a Class 3 vest, be sure to check with the OSHA or ANSI guidelines, which are readily available online. Not only can you avoid the headache, hassle, and cost of a work gap, you can also ensure the safety of your crew, which is always the top priority.


Count on SafetyGear Online to have the selection of Class 3 safety vests you need as well as any other safety items you may need.