Choosing the Right Safety Vest for Your Employees

When it comes to providing your employees with the correct high-visibility clothing, you are going to want to choose a reflective safety vest that suits the industry that your company is within. This means that the working environment that your employees are in has a regulated class of safety vests which will fall under one of four categories. These categories are:

  • Class Two
  • Class Three
  • Public Safety
  • Economy Vests

If you are running a business or company that has its employees working in areas of high traffic, or areas with dangerous weather conditions then you are going to need to provide your workers with Class-Two vests. These are often worn by those who are in construction, utility fields, or emergency response teams. These vests will be fluorescent lime, yellow, or orange and are to be worn over the top of uniforms. This type of vest can be adjustable, can be made out of mesh, and may be flame retardant.


Class-three vests are very similar, but fit like a shirt to call increased attention to the wearer. These vests also come in orange, yellow, and lime and come in a wide variety of styles. They are to be worn by those who are working in dark conditions, in extreme weather or in high traffic areas.


A reflective safety vest that is classified as a public vest is worn by those who are in governmental or city positions. Police officers, firefighters, and paramedics wear different colored safety vests, which make them easier to distinguish based on their duties. These are most commonly seen at the scenes of accidents.


Finally, economy vests are handed out during special events and are often generic vests that do not have logos or company names printed on them. They may have staff written on the back of them as they are often used interchangeably from city event to city event.