Choosing Safety Rain Gear for Your Employees

When it comes to the health of your employees who are working in extreme weather conditions that involves a lot of wet work, you’re going to want to choose the proper type of safety rain gear. The first resource that employers often go for includes rain suits which are perfect for a wet work environment, can be bought at fair prices and are at the top of the health and safety standard.


However, there are several different types of rain suit gear, and choosing the right one is imperative for an accident-free work zone. Determining whether you need a two-piece, or three-piece is required as you will need to figure out what type of material you want your workers to wear.


Types of Suits and Their Materials

Most rain suits are two-piece sets that come with a jacket and a bottom overall piece. These are perfect for employees who work in wet environments for shorter periods of time. They provide head-to-foot protection from the wet weather, but may not be as durable as brands that are made out of PVC or PU-coated polyester.


Three-piece rain gear has a heavier jacket, an inner storm piece and pants which differentiates it from the more commonly known two-piece suits. The jackets will have a draw cord for the hood which is stored under the collar, and they may come with front-zippered pockets. The pants have an adjustable draw cord around the waist and the hem may snap at the ankles providing a tighter fit. The inner storm flap is used to keep anything in the pockets completely dry.


These are almost always made out of PVC polyester which provides long-lasting durability and is commonly worn by those who work in mining facilities, sanitation, construction sites, or chemical plants.

Finally, flame resistant safety rain gear is ideal for those who work on outdoor construction sites or work in Maritime regions. These are made out of a polyester/PVC blend which provides long-lasting durability and have both two-piece and three-piece styles.