Choosing a Surveyor Safety Vest

When you’re looking for a surveyor safety vest, you should first only consider those that meet the Class 2 or Class 3 ANSI standards for safety. This means that vehicles or equipment that are moving over 50 miles per hour will see you at distances up to a quarter of a mile, as well as at close range. OSHA has done the research, so it’s best to just choose your surveyor safety vest, as well as all your other essential safety gear, based on their best practices.


Check Out the Specifications

Typically, the surveyor safety vest has about four full sized pockets and several other smaller, specialized pockets to store radios, gloves, tools, earplugs, and other items that you need to keep handy. With the right surveyor safety vest, you can ensure the function of the vest is as good as the safety caliber, ensuring that the items you need are safely tucked away, yet right there when you need them


Surveyor Safety Vest Construction

Typically, a surveyor safety vest is made from a lightweight, 100% polyester material with a breathable mesh that will help you stay comfortable as you work. Other construction types that meet the Class 2 or 3 standard may be available, but you can make a decision based on your general work environment and what will make you most comfortable. Choose a vest that has sleeves to further enhance visibility and a zipper front enclosure for easy on and off.


When it comes to visibility, the surveyor safety vest should have a good amount of reflective striping. Check out selections that have at several strips of two inch reflective material over a bright, unique color in order to make you visible in any lighting, from daylight to nighttime and in the dawn and dusk hours.


Who Needs a Surveyor Safety Vest?

The surveyor safety vest is ideal for emergency road crews, construction workers, traffic and utility workers, and generally any type of work in which visibility and safety play a primary role.


SafetyGear Online proudly carries several top quality options at competitive pricing for those that need a surveyor safety vest. Shop with us for the best one to suit your needs as well as all the gear your crew needs to work more safely in the field.