Get the Functionality You Need: Choose a Safety Vest with Pockets

Road crews, construction workers, land surveyors, traffic control personnel and many others need appropriate safety gear and apparel to do their jobs every day. Safety is paramount, which is why both companies and employees abide by OSHA regulations and choose ANSI certified items over all others. A parallel point to putting safety first is making sure you choose gear that meets the best practice standards for safety and performs in the field. That’s why taking a closer look at your safety vest with pockets options.


If your work warrants that you keep certain items readily available on your person, like a communications radio, writing implements, or tools, a safety vest with pockets is essential. If you have a vest without pockets, or if your crew does, chances are good that workers will find other ways to stash necessary items on their person, which may inhibit the safety features that you purchased the vest for in the first place. When a worker uses a utility belt unnecessarily or uses interior pockets, they may be inclined to not wear the vest at all times or use it improperly. Simply purchasing a safety vest with pockets is a much better solution.


Take a moment to check out the wide range of safety vest with pockets options. You can find vests with reflective striping that have only two pockets, perfect for a crossing guard or traffic director that may only need a pencil and a notebook to have on hand. For field engineers and construction crew chiefs, a more robust safety vest with pockets may be needed. The heavy duty safety vests are more durable and they often feature around eight pockets with additional tabs and features that have been specifically made to hold common items, such as water bottles, paint, and tablets. With a more rugged construction, these vests are made to go the distance in even the toughest conditions.


SafetyGear Online is dedicated to offering top of the line and affordable safety gear for all kinds of workers. You can shop with us to find the perfect safety vest with pockets to get your job done safely and effectively.