Chemical Resistant Gloves & Other Safety Tips for Dealing with Noxious Materials

Many workers encounter noxious and hazardous chemicals on a daily basis. Chemists and lab workers deal with these types of materials daily and likely have all the gear and protocols in place to ensure safety, such as quality chemical resistant gloves and eye cleaning stations. Others, such as professional cleaners, construction crews, and many others, may only encounter such chemicals occasionally…or worse, may not realize the potency of the standard chemicals with which they work.

Here are some tips from the MCCAA on ways you can minimize your risk of injury from handling or working near chemicals:

  • Be sure every chemical in your establishment is properly labeled. This ensures products are used correctly and appropriate first aid can be taken if needed.
  • Do some homework and see if any water-based alternative or less toxic substitute is available for products you use regularly—it’s better for workers and the environment.
  • Invest in chemical resistant gloves. Commercial cleaners and others may thing that any old gloves will do, but this isn’t always the case. Some cleaners can be quite potent and your skin will certainly appreciate the protection of chemical resistant gloves.
  • Keep chemicals properly stored and locked up. This means that they should be kept at a consistent temperature and at a safe distance from sparks or high heat. Additionally, powders and granules should be stored over the liquids to avoid drips and reactions.
  • Do periodic checks of the safety gear you have. You’ll want to replace face masks and chemical resistant gloves at regular intervals to ensure they are always effective when you need them.
  • Don’t forget that you’ll not only need chemical resistant gloves, you’ll also want protective eyewear in many cases. Safety goggles are affordable and easily accessible.
  • Invest in an eye cleaning station. This can be a sight-saver if harsh chemical splatter inadvertently into a worker’s eyes.
  • All chemicals should be stored away from children, pets, eating areas, smoking areas, and more. The area in which chemicals are stored and used should be highly ventilated.

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