Caring For Your Full Brim Hard Hat

If you’re a worker that has worn a full brim hard hat for many years, it is highly likely that you don’t give it a second thought. Newcomers to the trade may find that although a full brim hard hat provides shading from the sun, it can also get cumbersome as the day wears on. Seasoned professionals have gotten used to it and they’ve likely seen their fair share of accidents averted due to its use. The reality is that a full brim hard hat serves a very important purpose—head protection!


Even though you may be well used to wearing yours, here are some tips for maintaining the integrity of your full brim hard hat. Feel free to pass this info along to the new guy too!


Use the hard hat appropriately—do not sit or stand on it and never drill holes into it. Efforts should be made to avoid dropping it or subjecting it to unnecessary abrasions and scrapes. In the event that something hits your full brim hard hat, be sure to do a close inspection and replace if necessary.


Never stash the hard hat on the rear shelf of an automobile or in direct sunlight. Overheating the hat can deteriorate the materials.


Typically, hard hats are not made with metal parts or clips—these can be an electrocution hazard. Depending on your work, this qualification may or may not be required.


Do not modify the hard hat, the shell or the suspension system, in any way. Screen printing or decals are fine, but keeping them minimal will help you identify defects more effectively.


Wear the full brim hard hat correctly. This means that in most cases, the hard hat should be directly in contact with your head, unhampered by a hat or other articles. Face shrouds and neck shrouds that have been specifically designed for those that wear hard hats are your best choice for cold weather work.


Be mindful of your hard hat’s age. In most typical cases, a hard hat will last about three to four years, but those that work with noxious chemicals, ultraviolet light, extreme temperature changes, and more should replace more often.


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