Care for Your High Visibility Jacket & Other Safety Apparel

The safety apparel you purchase for road crews, first responders, and other safety personnel is made to last and perform, but not forever and not without proper care. Some of the ways that a high visibility jacket, vest, or other garment can deteriorate may include:

  • Color contrast fading
  • Wear to the reflective strips
  • Tears and thinning of material

When a High Visibility Jacket Must Be Replaced

Whenever there is a question about the integrity of a high visibility jacket or other safety garment, you must err on the side of caution and replace it. If there is any concern that visibility at 1000 feet, regardless of light or weather, it cannot be deemed safe.


Also, any apparel, such as the high visibility jacket, that is worn on a daily basis should be replaced every six months. Items not worn daily may last up to three years. Old apparel should be cut in half so that it can't be reused.


When a high visibility jacket is torn or damaged during operations, it is typically recommended that it be replaced, rather than repaired to ensure integrity for next use.


Other Factors Affecting Safety Garments

Often, a high visibility jacket or other garment will be replaced due to typical wear and tear, largely due to the fact that these items are designed to be put in harm’s way. But, there are other factors to consider in making these garments last and function to their peak, including:

  • Storage - keeping these jackets out of direct sunlight or heat sources can help keep the material in good shape and prevent tears and wearing on the job, making them better and safer.
  • Washing and care - Each garment will have manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and care of the item. Be sure to follow these to avoid any unnecessary damage. offers high visibility jackets and other garments designed to help safety personnel perform their jobs effectively and safely. Shop here for everything you need and let us help you get additional information about using and caring for these items so that they can work as hard as your crew does.