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When it comes to personal safety, you sometimes have to think a little outside of the box. While on a job site, potential safety concerns can pop up that at first may not have been obvious. That is why Personal Industrial Products has created their own unique brand of products that were designed to provide you with the best degree of safety at prices that are accommodating to any budget. Let's say that you are working on a demolition crew and you are dismantling an old building. As you start to work, you discover that the interior of the building is covered in mold. A N95 Cone Respirator will keep you from breathing in dangerous foreign particles. Perhaps you've worked with a number of different substances and you're about to go eat lunch? An Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer will help reduce the chance of you consuming something dangerous. Or what if you're transporting work equipment to the work site and one of your vehicles break down? You're only choice might be to repair the vehicle on the side of the road, or transfer the equipment to another vehicle. An LED E-Flare or Flashing Traffic Baton can help you safely alert motorists to the potential hazard that is coming up as they travel. Find items from Personal Industrial Products here at SafetyGearOnline.com.

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  1. Jersey Glove - Premium Grade
    Jersey Glove - Premium Grade
    SKU: 95-890
    As low as $1.64
  2. Unlined Leather Driver's - Regular Grade
    Unlined Leather Driver's - Regular Grade
    SKU: 68-163 Series
    As low as $4.65
  3. Incident Command Vests (Polyester)
    PIP Incident Command Vest (Polyester)
    SKU: 1500 Series
    As Low As $10.92
  4. Incident Command Vest
    PIP Incident Command Vest (PolyCotton)
    SKU: 2500 Series
    As Low As $12.34
  5. MK8 Evolution Hard Hat - Front
    PIP MK8 Evolution Hard Hat
    SKU: AHS150 Series
    As low as $50.67
  6. ProCoat PVC Gloves
    ProCoat PVC Gloves
    SKU: 58-8040
    As low as $1.94
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