Brand Spotlight: OccuNomix

When worker safety is at the top of your priority list you need to use reliable safety products. That’s why SafetyGear Online offers a variety of products from OccuNomix to help you keep workers safer, happier and more productive. OccuNomix safety products are trusted around the world to protect workers and keep projects running smoothly. If your business needs to meet OSHA or ANSI safety standards OccuNomix products can help.


Unlike other brands of safety gear that focus primarily on high visibility apparel, OccuNomix offers products that can help keep workers warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and safe throughout the year. Their product line includes unique summer and winter gear designed to keep workers more comfortable in any weather. From hand warmers to sweatbands, OccuNomix has something for every season.


Keeping workers comfortable when working outdoors in extreme weather is important not only for their safety, but also for your bottom line. When an employee struggles with an extremely hot or cold environment their concentration and quality of work suffer. This can lead to accidents or costly mistakes on a job. That’s why OccuNomix focuses on products that keep workers comfortable, as well as safe. In addition to keeping people highly visible, their goal is to prevent hot and cold stress in workers.


OccuNomix also offers quality rain gear to keep workers dry in wet working conditions. This is especially convenient when working in locations or seasons that see higher than average precipitation. Their rain gear also comes in handy for cold, windy environments. That’s because rain gear provides an effective outer layer that will prevent wind from blowing through clothing or jackets.


SafetyGear Online knows how important it is to keep workers safe, but OccuNomix ensures they are comfortable as well. Choose from a variety of products that will keep your crews comfortable and highly visible all year round. Not sure if a product meets a safety requirement? Give us a call at (800) 429-0954, and we will be glad to help you find products that will meet your particular safety specifications. You can count on SafetyGear Online for all of your work safety needs!