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Blue Armor 2000 - Construction Harness Quick Connect (QC) Legs

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Five-point harness design w/lightweight hardware. Quality from a name you know and trust; Werner. Buy Today!

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Knowing how to choose the correct construction safety harness for the job is important, to keep you safe. With that said, knowing the parts and function of a harness can help you to purchase a harness that will keep you safe.

As Werner explains in their outline of “Know Your Harness”, the harness webbing is the skeleton of the harness and must have the strength and durability to satisfy fall protections needs in demanding job environments.  Lanyard keepers provide a safe place to park a lanyard not in use and also reduces the likelihood of tripping on or snagging the lanyard.  When properly adjusted and fit to a user, a construction safety harness may have extra webbing strap hanging out of the various buckles. Simple strap keepers allow the user to organize and store this extra strap to improve comfort and prevent snagging.  Back and shoulder pads provide cushioning on the back and shoulders which helps with distributing pressure to help keep the user comfortable.  Labels with product information and a place to record inspection data is another important construction safety harness feature. Labels must be protected from wear and damage, legibility is critical.  Any scaffolding safety harness exposed to a fall should be removed from services, making harness impact indicators another important feature for safety. These indicators provide instant evidence whether or not a fall has occurred.  For optimal comfort and performance in a fall event, a harness must be properly adjusted and fit on the user.  All areas of the construction safety harness should be snug, but not overly tight. Most scaffolding safety harnesses have adjustments for the torso/shoulder straps, chest straps and leg straps. The sub-pelvic straps help to distribute force and weight if a fall occurs, preventing the stop of blood flow to the lower extremities.  Werner ensures their products encompass these safety measures.

Werner designed the Blue Armor H133101 Construction Harness with 3 D-ring features.  Relief Handles to achieve the Gravity Override position and help reduce the potential hazards of suspension trauma.  WebAlert™ inspectable webbing and impact indicators, 5-point adjustments for optimal fit, lightweight hardware and pads and bright colors for worker visibility on the jobsite.  The rear dorsal D-ring is made from high quality forged alloy steel for strength and durability and the hip D-rings are for positioning applications.  The Quick Connect chest and leg buckles provide fast and easy connections. Practice proper safety protocols when you attach the safety harness lanyard.

When you want the very best construction safety harness the Werner Blue Armor 2000 line is sure to offer something perfect for your job site.  This scaffolding harness has all the features you need to work comfortably and safely no matter what the height. Make sure you have proper head protection with our selection of ANSI Approved Hard Hats.

Shop with us for the perfect scaffolding harness, the Blue Armor 2000 - Construction Harness with Quick Connect (QC) Legs.

Full body harness made by Werner (Manufacture Part # H133101-S | H133102-M/L | H133104-XL | H133105-2XL)

Performance Features:

  • Blue Armor
  • Polyester
  • Built in Relief Handles
  • WebAlert™ Inspectable Webbing
  • Impact Indicator
  • Quick Connect Chest & Leg Buckles
  • 5-Point Adjustments
  • 3 D-rings (1 back & 2 sides)
  • Lanyard Keeper
  • Breathable Compression w/Lightweight Shoulder & Back Padding
  • Padded Removable Work Belt Capable of Holding Tools
  • 400lb. Rated


  • ANSI Z359.11 OSHA 29 CFR 1910 &1926
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