“Work a job you like, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” says the common saying. Everyone wants a job they enjoy. When many people think about a happy job, they think of working at home or something like that. Something most people wouldn’t think of is construction. The fact is, many construction workers are some of the happiest employees out there. Due to safety measures like an ANSI safety vest to protect themselves while they work, there are many things that make construction an enjoyable job

A big factor in being happy in any job is the relationship one has with their colleagues. On a construction site, everyone is always working together to get the same job done. A survey by TinyPulse stated that 34 percent of the happiest employees stated that good relationship with those they work with was a staple in the enjoyment of their job. Many construction jobs are also social jobs. People work, and at the end of the day or at lunch, sit together — bosses and employees alike. This feeds into a social environment where people view their fellow workers as friends instead of simply those they work with.

Another factor that makes many people dislike their job is being bored and feeling as if their work is pointless. Sitting in front of a computer all day punching in numbers can certainly have this effect, while construction has the opposite. The first factor that is not there is feeling pointless. In construction, workers get the satisfaction of watching an empty site transform into a giant skyscraper or office building.

They get the satisfaction of looking at the building every time they pass and being able to say “I helped make that.” Construction can be less repetitive than many jobs, since there are so many different tasks required in construction.

Having a rewarding job has to do with feeling connected to coworkers, not being bored, and having a sense of purpose. With a job that entails all three of these things, it is no surprise that construction work is one of the more enjoyable ones out there.