It’s not uncommon to see construction workers on a job site or roadside workers wearing orange, yellow or green neon apparel. You may have even noticed paramedics, police officers, or crossing guards wearing such types of apparel too.

The reasons that they wear this type of clothing are obvious: to be clearly seen by passing motorists and operators of large equipment. This type of apparel creates awareness, increases visibility, and improves the overall safety of these workers. The more clearly these individuals are seen, the safer they will be against any potential collisions and accidents.

However, there are plenty of other people who could benefit greatly from the use of hi-vis clothing, including the following:

Warehouse workers

Utility workers


Delivery truck drivers

Roadside construction workers

Emergency responders



Racetrack personnel

Security guards


Oil workers

Salvage workers



Rescue workers




This list is by no means exhaustive. There are plenty of different positions in various industries that could benefit from the use of safety apparel.

Hi visibility clothing can come in a variety of forms, including t-shirts, vests, pants, long sleeved shirts, jackets, and coats. Such variety exists for many reasons, including the outside temperature, weather conditions, and overall comfort level of the wearer.

Just about any place where there is a potentially hazardous condition, chemicals, motorists, low-light conditions, inclement weather, dangerous terrain and landscapes, heavy machinery, or any moving parts, warrants the use of hi visibility safety apparel.

Such clothing helps to significantly lower the odds of collisions, accidents, and injuries that happen as a result of obstructed vision, distracted driving, and other situations. Whether you are an employer or an employee, hi visibility apparel could play a vital role in keeping yourself or your employee’s safe and out of harm’s way.