When thinking about issues involving being seen while working on the job site, most people tend to think about conditions where it is snowing, raining, or getting dark. On a hot clear summer, day visibility is not really an issue right?

Well actually, this is not necessarily true. With the bright summer sun overhead, glare can be a real problem, making reflective shirts and uniforms more of a hazard than a help on the job site. This is where hi-vis t-shirts can really help make a difference. They make the wearer easier to see in bright light conditions.

But when you’re sweltering and trying to work putting on an extra layer can be very annoying and even dangerous if overheating occur. That’s why wearing one of our specially designed hi-vis t-shirts will make it so you are able to work comfortably and safely in any bright hot conditions on the job site.

We have shirts that offer additional reflection and safety features in order to maintain our selection of ANSI II compliant safety uniforms and shirts. We even have a full line of shirts that are made from a mesh material, which is breathable and helps keep you cooler while still keeping you safe and seen while you work!

It is important to keep all of your workers safe while they are on the job site and these hi-vis t-shirts can be a big part of your safety protocols. Check out our vast selection and find the uniforms and equipment that are best suited for your unique needs and requirements. We have something for everyone so be sure to stop by and see for yourself why we are one of the best-trusted names in job-site safety uniforms and equipment!