Safety apparel for the workplace is included in the extensive range of personal protective equipment or PPE. PPE is designed to protect the worker and covers people who work inside and outside and under all conditions. There are extensive guidelines for this equipment that can greatly reduce accidents. Here are some of the different types of safety apparel.


Visibility is necessary for many occupations to allow others to easily see a worker and not have him blend into his surroundings. For example, traffic controllers need to be seen so they can direct traffic. Some examples of high visibility clothing are jackets, sweatshirts, reflective safety t-shirts, pants, and vests. All of these are brightly colored, according to regulations, and have reflective tape. Read on for workplace conditions that require safety gear and equipment.


Adverse weather: Rain gear with reflective tape is helpful for visibility and protection from the weather.

Sunlight: For workers exposed to direct sunlight, there are caps, hoodies and hard hat shades that will lessen sun exposure. Sunglasses and long sleeve shirts or jackets can also help.

Cold weather: In cold weather, workers can use knitted caps, hand and toe warmers, full face liners, hard hat liners, and balaclavas to stay warm.

Hot weather: To stay cool in hot weather, there are cooling bandana, sweatbands, hard hat sun shades, and safety caps.

Workplace Hazards

A few examples of hazards in the workplace are chemical spills and splatters, electricity and moving equipment. Here is a list of PPE for protecting various parts of the worker’s body.

Head and Ears: hard hats, helmets, caps,

Face and Eyes: face shields, safety glasses or goggles, visors

Arm, Hands, Torso: gloves, aprons, sleeve protectors, coveralls, leather jackets, belts, elbow pads

Legs and Feet: safety shoes, spats, leather pants, coveralls, knee pads

Hearing: ear muffs, ear plugs

Falling Objects

Many workplace accidents are due to workers falling or falling debris. Some examples are:

Harnesses and fall arrest devices

Hard Hats

Steel-toed Shoes or Boots