The top causes of fatalities from construction workplace accidents are falls, electrocution, being struck by an object, and being caught in-between objects. These accidents can be greatly reduced with better safety procedures including making sure the workers are wearing safety apparel appropriate to the job. Here are some ways to prevent these accidents.


Most construction-related deaths and serious injuries are caused by falls. Companies can help prevent falls by providing railings for stairs, safety nets, and safety harnesses.

Also, ensure that every raised platform, runway, or other areas that is open has guard rails and toe boards. Once the proper safety equipment has been chosen and made available to workers, make sure they are trained in wearing and using it properly and are aware of workplace hazards.


Second to falls, the next cause of deaths and injuries is electrocution. It is lethal and the proper precautions must be followed. Make sure all employees are provided with the proper safety apparel and equipment and that they have received training in procedures and use of the personal protective equipment.

Tell them more than once that it is imperative to use safety equipment even if they have experience or it slows them down.

Struck by Object

Being struck by an object can mean something that is falling, flying through the air, swinging, or rolling. It may be equipment, materials that become loose, tools, or a vehicle. To help prevent this, you should try to not be in an area directly under where work is being performed or a load is suspended. Wear safety equipment when operating power tools. Secure all materials and tools and make sure heavy equipment operators can see you.

Caught In-Between

This refers to a body part being caught in a machine or crushed between equipment or materials. Workers need to be very familiar with the equipment they are operating, wear tight-fitting clothing, and pull back long hair. Equipment that is being repaired needs to be shut down completely and secured so it will not roll or move.