Whether you work in construction, emergency services, plumbing, electrical, or HVAC, at some point 


you are going to have to work in inclement weather. These tips will help ensure you work as safely as possible. Wear the Right GearYou won't be focusing on the task at hand if you are wet and miserable. Proper rain gear should be layered. If it's cold, start with clothing made from synthetic fibers that will help wick moisture and stay warm even when wet. Next, add pants or overalls specifically designed to repel precipitation. These garments should be ventilated if they will be worn for long periods of time. Finally, wearing a coat as well as hi-vis rain gear will help you stay warm and dry, and will also help ensure others can easily see you in bad weather conditions. Protect Your Hands and Feet Footwear should have deep treads and be in good condition. Footwear should also extend above the ankle and pants should extend over the top of the footwear. Wear gloves with tight-fitting sleeves that provide a non-slip grip. Your raincoat's cuff should extend over the sleeves of your gloves. Take Your Time While you might be tempted to move quickly in order to stay warm and get the job done as quickly as possible, this is a big mistake. Rain makes everything slippery and much more dangerous, so it's extremely important to slow down and move carefully. This will help prevent slips and falls, especially if you must climb steps or ladders. Use the Appropriate Equipment When working in the rain, make sure any and all electrical tools and equipment you are using are rated for outdoor use. Hand tools should have textured non-slip grips. Follow these tips and you're sure to be warmer and safer at your next rainy job site.