Out of all the jobs out there, those in the construction industry are among the most dangerous. Whether you’re in the trenches, on the road, or up a scaffold, you need to take all the pr


ecautions necessary to make sure you’re constantly protected. Falls, electrical shocks, and collisions are just some of the things that can happen while on the job. Here are some tips to consider when on the construction site to stay safe. Ladders Make sure to always use the right ladder for specific tasks. In addition, the ladders need to be used appropriately and according to their own particular traits. Make sure to thoroughly inspect this equipment to make sure there is nothing wrong with it, such as missing parts or dented rails. And never put more than the recommended maximum weight associatedwith the ladder in question. Trenches For exterior construction, be sure that protective systems are put in place. In addition, make sure that safety practices are in effect, including shoring, shielding, and sloping to prevent any movement of the soil and cave-ins. There should always be a safe exit put in place, which should be a maximum of 25 feet from all workers on site. Personal Protective Gear When it comes to safety on the construction site, prevention is always the best measure. For starters, head gear is always critical in order to prevent any head trauma. In addition, it’s always important to wear reflective ANSI class 2 shirts in order to be visible to motorists driving by roadside construction projects. Slip-free boots, heavy-duty gloves, and goggles are among other safety gear that should always be used. Staying safe while working on the job site only takes a few minutes and a little extra effort. Follow these tips to make sure the safety of the area and its workers is maintained while working on a construction site.