Anything can happen on the job, especially for those who are in the construction industry. Injuries happen all the time, and many times these situations can be avoided if certain safety precautions had been followed. While various injuries occur on occasion, eye injuries can be particularly difficult to deal with. About 300,000 Americans are forced to head to the ER every year as a result of an eye injury on the job site, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and almost half of them occur within the manufacturing, mining, and construction industries. Eye injuries can range in severity, but no matter how serious the situation, they typically result in devastating consequences for the patient, both personally and financially. Workers inevitably need to take time off work, and need to deal with the discomfort associated with the injury sustained. As frightening as these injuries can be, as much as 90 percent of these occurrences can actually be avoided, particularly by wearing protective Radians eyewear while on the job. The most common reasons for injuries to the eyes include pesticides, chemicals, vapors, airborne debris, infectious bodily fluids, and flying debris and objects. In order to ensure that workers protect their eyes at all times, they should do the following:

  • Get educated on eye safety, which is often overlooked by workers and their supervisors
  • Take the necessary precautions to avoid eye injuries, like placing screens over equipment that could release flying debris
  • Wear protective eye gear at all times

Protective eyewear is so important to protect the eyes, yet for some reason, many just don’t wear them. There’s simply no excuse — eyewear should be worn all the time while on the job in order to avoid unnecessary injury and pain. Get all the safety gear you need by visiting today!