Risk assessments are something that must be carried out on a regular basis in a workplace and these assessments and checks are important because they help the manager and foreman to determine if there are any hazards and the risks that need to be noted.

Consideration must also be given to the worker to ensure their safety and care must be given to take note of things such as the amount of movement required, the type of work being carried out, chances of injury, potential for exposure to harmful elements, or any other concerns that may be present. Protective work wear should provide a decent level of protection and be selected according to the requirements of the state and national laws as well as the individual needs of the workers themselves. The most popular safety clothing used on the job site is hi visibility safety clothing of one kind or another.

These reflective and hi-visibility items are designed to let people be seen easily and are most often used in conditions where workers area on or near equipment and machines or where visibility may be compromised in some way. The practice of using protective work wear helps ensure all workers are safe and that they can do their jobs without fear or being hurt or injured while doing it.

Flame resistant clothes are good for welders and those dealing with open flames. Hard hats are required for all construction sites. Insulated jackets can be seen on many other workers while cooler fabric and cool packs are often seen on southern workers. Respirators ensure workers are safe from breathing in dust, fumes, and particles that may make them sick. Steel-toed boots and slip-resistant shoes ensure worker safety throughout the day.

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