As summer draws to a close, the days are rapidly becoming shorter. This presents a much greater safety hazard to people who have to be in dangerous areas in such low visibility. Therefore, appropriate safety gear is of the utmost importance. Some of the best pieces of equipment for this job are reflective safety vests. These special vests are outfitted with bright, reflective materials to make the wearer easier to see. They’re ideal for use in many lines of work.

First Responders

Emergency personnel may find themselves at the scene of roadside accidents after dark. Without the proper safety gear, passing motorists may not be able to see them very well which drastically enhances their chances of being hit by a moving vehicle. These vests will help reduce the risk of an accident occurring.

Road Crews

This time of year, many road crews will still be on the clock well after the sun has sett beyond the horizon. Street workers face enough of a risk when working in rush-hour traffic, but combined with decreased visibility, their job is downright dangerous. Reflective Safety Vests increase drivers ability to notice road work personnel.

Broken Down Motorists

It’s stressful enough when your car breaks down at the side of the road, but it’s even worse when it’s dark and people can barely see you. Keeping a reflective vest in your car to wear during such a situation will make it easier for you to flag down assistance, as well as make you more visible while you change a flat tire.