Human beings are visual creatures. We use our eyes to interpret the world around us and for most people it is their strongest sense. Accidents that cause vision loss in adults can be crippling because it forces a person to learn a new way to process the world around them. The truth is, most of these accidents are preventable with the proper safety glasses.

Every year more than 2.5 million people suffer eye injuries, and of those nearly 50,000 permanently lose part or all of their vision. These eye injuries can occur anywhere, at work, at home, on a vacation, during a sporting event. Regardless of where an eye injury occurs, it’s important to note that proper protective eye wear can be the difference between enduring an eye injury or avoiding one

Safety glasses come in many forms, from glasses, to goggles, to tinted sun shades. These forms of protective eye wear are developed for a variety of activities. Some are ideal for indoor job sites, others are better suited for outdoor work, still others are made specifically for sports. No matter what kind of activity you may be engaged in, there is a perfect pair of safety glasses for you

SafetyGear Online offers safety glasses from Edge, Radians and Eva Eyewear. Our glasses are meant to accommodate a variety of individuals and offer professional grade protection for many different activities.