Being employed and earning a living should never come at the expense of a person’s safety. There are certain jobs out there that require an added level of safety measures in order to ensure complete security while on the job. Any scenario where there are passing motorists or people operating large pieces of machinery or equipment warrants the use of hi-visibility safety apparel to ensure that workers are clearly seen at all times, no matter what the weather conditions or lighting situations happen to be.

That is why the use of hi-visibility safety apparel is so important. When workers wear such specialized clothing, they are helping motorists and equipment operators see them more clearly, and therefore avoid them and prevent a devastating collision.

Manufacturers make such apparel in bright colors with reflective bands in order to maximize visibility. In certain scenarios and conditions, drivers may not be able to see workers clearly, and such apparel will help them see them and avoid any incidents.

This specialized clothing comes in a variety of types, including:


Long sleeve shirts




Heavy coats


The type of apparel chosen will come down to the wearer’s level of comfort, and the outside temperature. These pieces typically come in yellow, orange or green in bright neon for the ultimate in visibility.

ANSI approved reflective clothing comes in Class 1, 2 and 3, mesh, flame-resistant, and so forth, making the options varied to allow workers to choose the perfect piece of clothing for their working conditions. Some employers will direct employers to wear specific pieces, while others will allow the worker to make their own choice.

As long as the right choice is made, motorists will be able to see workers more clearly, and workers can remain safe on the job at all times.