Summer is a time for warmer weather and sunshine, but depending on where you live, summer thunderstorms can be almost daily issues. This is especially true in areas such as Florida and Louisiana. Although the rain can be a welcomed cooling factor on hot days it can really increase the risk for injury on road construction sites.

Slick roadways along with decreased visibility make rainy weather a hazard for everyone on and around a worksite. Using a high vis shirt, vest, and jacket are a great way to keep your crew safe, dry, and seen!

Here are some tips to remember when working in a slippery situation on the road:

It is best to work in pairs: one set of eyes to look at the work and the other to be lookout for hazards

Learn about what rain can do to your worksite and what steps need to be taken to adjust to it

Know your surroundings and where to go in the event of a weather emergency

Utilize signs and cones and always wear high vis shirts or raincoats in bad weather

Keep work areas well-drained and avoid working in wet conditions around electrical equipment

Identify electrical and other hazards and make sure the team knows how to stay safe in the area

Wear the appropriate equipment and workplace attire so you can be easily identified.

Regardless of how big or small your site is or how many members you have on your work crew, it is essential to take the extra care in wet conditions so everyone in and around the site is safe. Following these tips will help reduce the risk rainy weather brings by ensuring your team stands out and gets noticed, like a high vis shirt on a dark night!