Every summer highways and byways across America come to life with construction projects. It almost seems as if you can travel on any road and find an active construction zone after a few miles. That’s because summer is the height of the road construction season. If you’re going to traveling this summer, be sure to keep these tips in mind next time you find yourself flanked by orange cones and flashing lights.

Go Slow

There’s a reason for those flashing lights, high visibility vests and hand held stop signs. Workers want to get your attention and get you to slow down. The likelihood of an accident drops significantly when the proper speed is maintained.

Stay Alert

Construction zones are notoriously tight. Cars don’t have much wiggle room and neither do workers. Often workers or equipment are within inches of passing cars. Always pay careful attention when traveling through work zones. Watch all workers and machines ahead of you to be alerted to potential dangers.

Patience is Key

Slowing down can be a hassle sometimes but you must be patient if you want to prevent an accident. Frustrated drivers who speed in work zones are typically at fault for work zone accidents. Don’t lose your cool out there. It only takes a few minutes to slow down through a construction zone.