There are many jobs where safety is a high priority. In construction and utility trades especially, the ability to be seen is crucial in being safe on the job. If motorists or other workers can’t easily see you, then the likelihood of an accident is much higher. Many of these outdoor jobs have to deal with the rain, cold and snow in the winter months. These winter months are often more dangerous because driving conditions are also impacted by the cold and snow.

That’s why it’s even more important to maintain proper visibility in the colder months. Some workers will wear heavy coats or layers under thin reflective outer shells. And while this technique may be good for some, however it can be impractical to others. That’s why offers thermal high visibility jackets. Each thermal high visibility jacket offers adequate warmth and protection from the snow and rain. In addition to the warmth the jackets bring, it also has bright colors and reflective stripes to maintain visibility.

These thermal high visibility jackets aren’t just for working outdoors. They can also be used for recreations such as dog walking, snowmobiling, or any other outdoor adventure where visibility is important. Visit SafetyGear Online today to see our entire selection of high visibility jackets.