Most drivers on the road today know that when they are driving through a construction zone they need to slow down and to keep alert for changing traffic patterns and signs directing them where to go. When larger work crews are doing their job they often times end up very near the edge of the driving lanes and at times certain lanes will need to be closed in order for the crew to get there work done.

There are specially trained traffic control specialists who use special signage as well as their ANSI safety vests and clothing to be seen and to help keep the traffic flowing.

All road crews usually have some manner of signs that they can use to signal traffic with and direct the flow so they safely get their job done. Most drivers have been stopped by a worker in a bright vest holding a stop/slow sign to help direct traffic during partial lane closures.

Or maybe you have seen workers putting up signs on the side of the road warning about changes in traffic patterns or lane changes that are coming up. These signs help keep the driver as well as the work crews safe and need to be observed and followed carefully.

Without following the proper course of action while on the job sire and without planning for maintaining a good control over the traffic flow, the work site can quickly become dangerous for everyone in the immediate vicinity.

Simple yet visible clear signage is one of the best ways to keep drivers and workers safe; add to that good ANSI safety vests, shirts, and pants and your workers will be safe anytime, anywhere, any day. Find high-quality reflective signage as well as hi-vis safety apparel at