Just because you’re working outdoors this summer doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortably hot. We have plenty of options for hot weather safety gear that will keep you cool, even when the temperature is rising. Below we examine some of the best options to keep you cool while keeping you safe on the job.

Mesh is Best

Perhaps you’ve made the switch from a safety jacket to a safety vest for the summer. Take things one step further with a mesh vest. These ultra light weight vests maintain the high visibility coloring and reflective striping, but are made from an open mesh. There’s no better way to be visible while keeping your clothing breathable.

Protect Your Head

If you’re wearing a hardhat all day there are multiple options for beating the heat. Neck shades are a common way to keep your neck cool and prevent sunburn. They can be used in combination with our terry topper sweatbands that are designed to snap into your hardhat.

Cooling bandanas are also popular for people who work outside for long periods. Simply soak the band in cold water, squeeze out the excess and wear it around your neck. Keeping your neck cool can help regulate your body temperature.

Keep it simple

Reducing the number of layers you’re wearing outdoors can have a big impact on how hot it feels. Safety t-shirts are a great idea if you want to wear a single layer, rather than wearing a vest over another layer. They provide the same visibility without the need to layer up.