If you own a construction firm, surveying business, telecommunications company or any other organization that uses safety vests on a regular basis, you should consider having personalized safety vests made. There’s no better way to set yourself apart than with custom printed vests showing your company logo. At SafetyGear Online, we offer a variety of options when it comes to custom screen printed vests. No matter what look you’re trying to achieve, we can help.

Safety vests are made to be seen. If your team is working in a high traffic area personalized vests are hard not to notice. Whether you have high visibility yellow or orange vests with your logo on them, people will certainly see them while your team is on the job. This makes custom printed safety gear an inexpensive and effective form of advertising.

Personalized safety vests can also be used to designate teams of workers. Names, departments or positions can be printed on the front or back of vests to let others easily identify workers and their roles. This is especially helpful on large job sites or in places where communicating can be difficult due to noise or distance, such as airport ground crews.