Here at, our number one priority will of course always be to provide you with the most up to date safety equipment and safety information. We want everyone who has to be in a potentially dangerous situation to follow the best possible safety procedures, which includes wearing ANSI approved high visibility gear. We also pride ourselves on always being available for you as well in case you ever have any questions as to which gear would be the best gear for your particular situation.

All that being said however, we’re sometimes afraid that our usual posts have a serious tone to them. We know that safety is a serious issue, but the real reason that we like to keep people safe is so that they can continue to have fun. So that being said, and since its the holiday season, we thought we might just have a little fun with this week’s post.

December 22nd is national haiku day. Haiku are a form of Japanese poetry that follows a very specific pattern:  The entire poem is three lines long. The first and third lines may contain only five syllables while the second line may contain seven. We thought we’d try our hand at some safety themed haiku in honor of the 22nd.

“Potential Situation”

Incident Command:

Vests that will identify.

Organize your team.

“Night Walker”

Shadow, the black lab,

is hard to spot when it’s dark.

Light up dog collar.

“Rush Hour”

Cars easily see

high visibility gear.

Safe work conditions

Feel free to submit safety themed haiku in the comments section!