Industrial workers protect themselves in a variety of ways from dangers on the job site. They wear steel-toe boots, long pants, ear protection, hard hats, and edge safety glasses to prevent disabling injuries. However, this is a requirement of the job more than an individual accounting of hazards. Many of these safety items are just as needed in everyday activities, such as painting the home, changing the oil, and mowing the lawn.

Home Dangers

DIY enthusiasts and weekend warriors face numerous dangers, and statistics show a huge number of disabling injuries actually occur in the home. Protection is essential, but it is often overlooked. People feel safest in their homes, and almost no one expects the mower to kick up a blade of grass or a rock and cause an injury. Almost no one expects the steady buzz of the chainsaw to cause long-term hearing damage. It is important to assess any activity in terms of the worst possible outcome. With the correct safety gear, the worst is no longer a worry.

Bad things can still go wrong while wearing Edge safety glasses, but bad things will not result in damage to the eyes. Safety first is a motto for any situation.